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 How to tank as a protection warrior

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PostSubject: How to tank as a protection warrior   Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:15 pm

So you wanna tank as warrior? Do you think your a good tank? Follow these steps and find out. Before we get started i'd like to point out a few things

DPS = Damage per second
TPS = Threat per second
GCD = Global cooldown

1: Always pull a boss with a ranged/charge move, don't ever body pull.
2. Make sure you have battle shout the whole battle, it increases your TPS and your party's DPS if you have any melee.

Tanking rotation
You always start up with using bloodrage then you engage combat, you'll use shield slam as fast you get the rage for it, followed up with a shield block and revenge, this is the best opener with TPS, however this is not the best rotation if your aiming for a speed kill. Assuming you do get a revenge procc if not do a heroic strike + sunder armor. dont sit there and waste a GCD, now once you have done following Shield slam > shield block/revenge, remember that shield block does not have a GCD. you will start stacking sunder armor on the target, but once shield slam/revenge/shield block is ready again use that as soon as possible. You can also thunderclap the boss before you start stacking sunders, it depends how hard the boss hits you and if your healers can handle it. Once you have 5x sunder armor, thunderclap, shield slam/revenge on cooldown you will demo shout. Basically as you know you have unlimited rage as a tank in boss fights, you can have your every white swing a heroic strike.

This is the abilities that generate the most threat on a single target.
1. Shield slam
2. Revenge
3. Heroic strike
4. Sunder armor

Thats right, sunder armor is last, you only really use it when you have free GCD to refresh it, but its also very important that you keep up 5x sunder because of the armor reduced on boss makes melee so much stronger.

General tips;
Ragnaros; does a huge burst damage at the start, you can avoid this by using Charge on him.
Neferian; Once you pull him he does a invisble breath that will wipe unless you pull him from the sides and get ready to use last stand if healers slack at the start.
Attack power; Just cause you're a tank attack power isnt useless for you, it helps alot with your TPS.
DPS pulls aggro; Not their fault, its your fault for being terrible.
Not enough threat; This will lead to you have too much avoidance for the boss, most likely overgearing the instance. Simply press X(Sit button) you will get critted and gain rage.

Macros you will need for tanking.
A simple start attack macro
/cast shield slam

Mocking blow macro
/cast [stance] Mocking Blow; Battle Stance

Written by Habibi
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How to tank as a protection warrior
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