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 Honrab, Restoration Druid

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PostSubject: Honrab, Restoration Druid   Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:29 pm

Your name:

Your age:

Character info:
Im playing a Tauren Restoration Druid with the following Specc:

The reason i got Nature's Grasp and Naturalist is for some pvp-fun and i got the spare points.
Because i'm not using Healing Touch often - and had no problem without it in bwl/t2/aq40 - i didn't specc into Tranquil Spirit and Empowered Touch.
If the future requires Healing Touch spamming i will alter my specc.

PVE experience:
60: In Retail i played as a Warlock everything up to the 4 horseman.
70: And as a Warrior the whole Content up to Sunwell.
80: I was Serverfirst lvl 80 Deathknight and stopped playing Retail since I had to care about my real life.

60(2): On cWoW I played t1/t2/bwl/mc/aq40(up to fankriss down) as DPS-Warrior, Marksmanhunter and with this Druid aswell.

Class role:
Buffing, Decursing, Healing .. the both later possibly at the same time (god bless HoTs!)

How does your PvE rotations look like? How do you blow your cooldowns?
As a Healer there is no real possible Rotation, is more like a prority system whos gonna get Heals when.
I spam Rejuvenation and Regrowth on everyone who needs it an use Swiftment (or a Regrowth/Swiftment, or Nature's Swiftness Healing Touch - Combo on people who are about to die quick). I look that both hots are up on the Tank(s) to support the pure single-target-tank-healers.
The only rotation i use is Mana-Pot, Innvervate, Mana-Pot, Mana-Pot, Innvervate ....

Current state of gear?
3/8 t2
4/8 t1
random-epics (just rings and trinkets are nonepic)

wich brings me selfbuffed to:
6100 mana
610 bonushealing
151 mp/5
~10% crit

Additional notes:
English isn't my mothers tounge, so please forgive some laguage mistakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Honrab, Restoration Druid   Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:41 pm

Nice application!
You just explained everything i need to know Smile
Whisper Ragemoar or Hab for a invite.
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Honrab, Restoration Druid
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